When You’ve Lost Your Joy – Where Can You Find It?

Where can you find joy?  This is a question with many dimensions to it.  When we feel broken it seems impossible to feel joy.  You may be asking yourself, “How do I turn things around when I feel completely drained and even lost?”  The answer is…one step at a time. The truth is, sometimes we have to go through a process to get back on our feet when life throws it’s punches and we are knocked to our knees.  It’s not always as simple as one day we are not fine, and the next day we are feeling joyful.  Life is a journey and life is managed.  The good news is, when we go through the process, we come out even stronger, ready to help others going through similar trials.  In this world, there is no destination, no arrival place where life is pure perfection.  There are moments in our journey of life where you can absolutely feel abundantly joyful on a daily basis, and you can be free of the grief, burdens, and guilt of the past.  How? A good start is leaving the past in the past. By the way…even reading that last sentence just now, is in the past! 😉  Guilt, shame, and resentment is living too much in past.  Anxiety and fear is living too much in the future.  Live in this moment right here, right now.  Today is the first day of the rest of your life!  Grab the steering wheel of your life today, and decide to continue your journey on a meaningful path filled with happiness and joy.  How can you do that?  We can start with asking ourselves…”What am I thankful for?”  We don’t have to have gratitude for the circumstances going on in our lives right now, but we can always be grateful (for something) in any circumstance.  What’s next? Start looking for ways to get outside of ourselves by focusing on ways to bring good for others.  Doing something that is good for others (as long as it is in alignment with your core values) is where we begin finding meaning in our own lives again.  Life is a journey.  It’s not always going to be easy.  Sometimes we just have to pick up the pieces and begin again.

Published by Lisa

As an author of the book, Lost and Finding Joy: Discovering Joy During Difficult Times, entrepreneur, certified life coach and life mastery consultant, Lisa helps her clients come alive by helping them connect to a clear vision and giving them the tools and support they need for increasing their results in their personal life and in business. Since 2001, she’s been a successful entrepreneur of businesses. Over the past 20 years, she has worked with individuals and other business owners, helping them to recognize and move past success blockers, build their dreams, and accelerate their results; helping them live richer, more fulfilling lives. As a sought-after life coach and professional speaker, Lisa offers inspiring workshops as well as transformational, in-depth coaching programs to help individuals and business owners achieve new heights of success, fulfillment, and spiritual aliveness.

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