Making A Difference Makes A Difference

Every day we influence others.  Just the other night, we were eating at a restaurant and the young waiter seemed to be having an “off” day.  He wouldn’t smile and he seemed almost resentful to be there.  We were with friends, and even better, we had our daughters with us.  My husband and two of our closest friends sat at one table, and our daughters and their friend (ages 13-20 years old) sat at the table next to us.  The waiter took our order, but you could feel that he just wasn’t feeling it that night.  He probably would’ve rather been anywhere, but there at the time.  He stayed away so long, that my husband got himself a couple of refills of his soda, since the machine wasn’t far from our table anyway.  My oldest daughter, previously being a server herself, mentioned to the waiter that he looked as if he just lost his best friend.  He told her he was just tired and very busy.  He had three tables all come in at once, and it was just overwhelming for him.  By the end of the dinner, approximately two hours later, the girls had him smiling and he was very attentive to not only our soda refilling needs, but he kept asking was there anything else we needed.

The reason I bring this story up, is because every day we influence others’ lives.  We could have gotten angry that he wasn’t attentive to “our” needs, and we could’ve made that waiter’s night even worse.  It could have even gone as far as him quitting or getting fired, if things really got out of control, as things too often do.  Instead of ‘expecting’ him to act a certain way, we chose to respond in a positive way.  We chose to smile, be patient, and allow him to feel the way he was feeling, without taking it personally.  Too often we take things like that personally and we let our ego’s get in the way.  Rather than expecting him to make us happy, we chose to try to make him happy.  (We chose to console, rather than be consoled.)  I am so glad we were there that night to make a positive difference.  We all left smiling and happy.  Even if he had chosen to stay upset, that would have been okay too.  At least we didn’t add fuel to the fire, and we would have still enjoyed our dinner.  We probably just would not have stayed as long; we wouldn’t have wanted the negativity to rub off on us.  😉

It is important for us to be positive and feel grateful in order to make a positive difference in our own lives and in others.  People do not want to be around negative vibes that come from negative thinking and negative feelings.  Be the higher energy for someone.  When you are feeling good and your energy is vibrating at a higher frequency, you actually bring other people’s frequency up as well.  Those people will go around bringing more people’s frequencies up.  In turn, your vibrations get even stronger and brighter.  After all, we reap what we sow.  What we do unto others, is done unto us.  You are making a difference every day with every person you come in contact.  Make it a positive one!  Spread joy and have joy!

Published by Lisa

As an author of the book, Lost and Finding Joy: Discovering Joy During Difficult Times, entrepreneur, certified life coach and life mastery consultant, my passion is to connect people with their dreams and to help them build their dreams -- or at least create better results for themselves; helping them live richer, more fulfilling lives. I really enjoy sharing my own personal experiences as an example for navigating this life, working towards living 90+ years, instead of living 1 year 90 times.

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