Why Does Life Have to Have So Much Opposition? It’s Even in the Fairy Tail Disney Movies!

Have you ever noticed that in any good story you read or watch on T.V. or at the movies, there always has to be some sort of opposition standing in the way of the couple in love, or the accomplishment of some great thing? Why is that? Even in the Disney movies…you have Ursula trying to stop Ariel and Eric (The Little Mermaid); you have the uncle coming between Simba and Mufasa, his father (The Lion King); the fact that Aladdin wasn’t a prince held him back from being with his true love, Princess Jasmine (Aladdin); Snow White had a jealous wicked queen trying to kill her and Cinderella had a wicked stepmother! The list goes on and on and on. Even in almost all other good books and movies, there just always seems to be some sort of opposition before the victory. What’s that all about?

Doesn’t that pretty much just sum up real life? There is a positive force and a negative force always coming in and out of our lives. It’s not all bliss, however, it doesn’t have to be all about sorrow and negativity either. Isn’t it possible that life just wasn’t meant to have all happy moments throughout the hopefully, 80-90+ years of our lives? Isn’t it possible that the opposition in our lives is what makes us stronger, more determined beings, which results in our growth and ability to do greater things? Opposition also gives us the opportunity to truly appreciate the good times along our journeys. I truly believe it is the opposition we overcome, that actually brings out the best of who we are, when we don’t allow the bad stuff to consume us.

If I died today, based on the wisdom I’ve gained throughout my life, I would want to tell my kids the following:

Enjoy your life! Don’t pay so much attention to the opposition. Pay more attention to the things you are grateful for now, this day! Continue working toward whatever it is you are trying to accomplish. One more thing…let life unfold. Don’t get in your own way by trying to force whatever it is you are seeking. Just ask God for it, and take action as you are prompted. Remember that your happiness will never come from any single accomplishment. Your happiness only comes from living and being content in this moment with what you already have on this day. The rest of it is just a journey with, (as my mom would say), NO FINISH LINE. Ultimately, the key to happiness is simply learning to “Enjoy the Journey”.

Published by Lisa

As an author of the book, Lost and Finding Joy: Discovering Joy During Difficult Times, entrepreneur, certified life coach and life mastery consultant, Lisa helps her clients come alive by helping them connect to a clear vision and giving them the tools and support they need for increasing their results in their personal life and in business. Since 2001, she’s been a successful entrepreneur of businesses. Over the past 20 years, she has worked with individuals and other business owners, helping them to recognize and move past success blockers, build their dreams, and accelerate their results; helping them live richer, more fulfilling lives. As a sought-after life coach and professional speaker, Lisa offers inspiring workshops as well as transformational, in-depth coaching programs to help individuals and business owners achieve new heights of success, fulfillment, and spiritual aliveness.

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