Journey of a Second Chance- Gates of New Beginnings (Part 1)

Gate of New Beginnings

It’s been a couple of years since I’ve written and shared personal experiences in the blog post: 2nd Chance To Be With My 1st Love, Albeit With a “Scarlet Letter” on My Chest.  Some may wonder why I wrote then, and why I am choosing to write another chapter of my personal life.  For those who want to know why, it’s simple…I want people to know they are not alone in this journey. We all have stories to tell.   Together, we are all experiencing this thing called life.   Life has ups and life has downs.  Ultimately, life is meant to be enjoyed with all of it’s adventures, uncertainties, successes and failures.  I strongly believe that our lives are full of purpose when we First: Learn to forgive and love ourselves, all the good and all the bad; and Second: Give that love to others by helping one another.

Basically…if my story can help one person, I’ll keep writing.

I told him…”If I could only have 1 day with you, I would give up the rest of my life.”  It sounded crazy, but I meant it.  “Falling in love” is an exciting event that is usually easy to express with words and feelings.  It’s only, however, a brief moment, compared to the remaining time in our lives.  “Being in love” over a period of time, may have boring, seemingly insignificant events thrown in the mix, however, when we choose to perceive it this way, it can also contain many exciting (sometimes happy, even joyful — sometimes miserable, even almost unbearable), very fulfilling events.  Life is 10% what happens, and 90% how we think about it.  Maybe I’m a dreamer, but this is how I remember it…

I have a Thomas Kinkade painting on my wall called, “Gate of New Beginnings”.  I love it because life is full of new beginnings.  One of those beginnings began in November, 1997.  Since I had been married before, and the divorce was still fairly fresh (only 4 months prior), a large wedding ceremony wasn’t even close to what either of us wanted.  Even though part of me was feeling so incredibly blessed to be with this person whom I connected deeply with in 1985, when I was just 15 years old; I still carried so much guilt about my children having to live with the consequences of the decisions that their ignorant 18-19 year old mother made in 1989.  (I didn’t regret the divorce, I was free from that 8 year bondage.  I didn’t regret the marriage, since that marriage produced three very wonderful, truly unconditionally loved children.  I couldn’t put my finger on what I regretted exactly, but whatever it was, I held on to that regret for many years.)

We decided on a Sunday to get married the next day.  We called the Bishop of our church, and asked him if he would be available to perform the ceremony.  He agreed to marry us, if we agreed to meet with him for an interview, prior to the vows being exchanged.  Of course!  We would be happy to have an interview!  After all, I KNEW I loved this man, and I HOPED he loved me.  I knew an interview with this Godly man wouldn’t stop the magnificent force that seemed to be carrying us along and putting our lives back together.  At the same time, I couldn’t believe it!  We are actually going through with this!  I was going to be the wife of the man I loved with all my being.  How did this happen?  How did life suddenly change so drastically?  Was I dreaming? If I was dreaming, I never wanted to wake up.  For the first time in a very long time, I felt JOY.  My feelings were mixed with some sadness, but I was actually feeling some JOY! We called a very few friends and family members to tell them what we were up to, and invited them to share this moment with us if they weren’t busy.

I woke up that following day, and hit the ground running.  We met at the court house in West Memphis, Arkansas to get our marriage license.  We drove to the mall and purchased simple wedding rings.  I picked out a church dress from my closet, and we were all set!  We drove to our small church building in West Memphis, Arkansas.  The interview went as suspected, and the Bishop agreed to perform the ceremony.  Only a handful of friends and family came to witness.  They didn’t know it fully, but they were witnessing us, together, walking through our very first gate of new beginnings…

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As an author of the book, Lost and Finding Joy: Discovering Joy During Difficult Times, entrepreneur, certified life coach and life mastery consultant, my passion is to connect people with their dreams and to help them build their dreams -- or at least create better results for themselves; helping them live richer, more fulfilling lives. I really enjoy sharing my own personal experiences as an example for navigating this life, working towards living 90+ years, instead of living 1 year 90 times.

3 thoughts on “Journey of a Second Chance- Gates of New Beginnings (Part 1)

  1. Such a lovely written story I wanted to hear more… not everyone is fortunate enough to find their soulmate. I long for that. You are truly blessed.


    1. Thank you. I know that feeling of longing. I have been truly blessed. I think we all have different journeys with certain struggles and certain blessings, but I know that as long as we are breathing, there is always hope that we will find the desires of our hearts. Our only responsibility is to never give up, and to focus on our blessings. Life has a way of knocking all of us down and challenging us. Life also blesses us when we endure and have hope. 🙂

      “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” – Jeremiah 29:11


  2. I think it is wonderful and that God has Bless you and your’s with a new beginning ,.
    your children are doing well , there all good workers. It is all good.


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