Journey of a Second Chance- Gates of New Beginnings – Challenges in Marriage -Part 6

7780 mesaI told Kevin that he had to get “fixed” since we didn’t want to have another spontaneous pregnancy. He went through the surgery and was supposed to be laying in bed with an ice pack. To this day, he tells everyone how horrible I am for “making” him climb stairs while searching for a new home in Memphis the day after his surgery. In my defense, we did have a deadline to find one. I wasn’t too hard on him though. I “let” him stay in the car after the first set of stairs. Poor guy! We ended up settling for a 4 bedroom with a bonus room and 3 bath house that we weren’t crazy about, but it was in our price range. It was close to my sister’s house and not far from my parents. The first couple of weeks I cried. I missed my home in Arkansas, and I really missed Ashley. I didn’t really know what to do without her being there. It was a hard adjustment. Kevin worked so many hours. He had to stay out of town two or three nights every week to fix commercial air-conditioning units. I was busy taking care of five babies. We needed more money than what Kevin was making at his job. A lifelong friend, Michael, offered me a job cleaning newly constructed homes. I was able to clean them on the weekends when Kevin could watch the babies. Sometimes I took one of the babies with me. Kevin had a lawn care business on the side. Michael also hired him to mow the yards for the new subdivision and we even mowed for a condominium complex in West Memphis, Arkansas. He had several other yards that he mowed for residential customers as well. It seemed like we worked all the time and we were burning at both ends. We began having marriage troubles around this time. I told him I didn’t get married to be a single mom. I started accusing him of cheating on me, because I felt he spent more time with a particular customer than he did with me. It turns out he didn’t cheat on me. He’s definitely not that kind of guy. I just had jealousy issues. One night we went on a “date night” to Willie Moffitt’s to shoot pool. There was a girl there who happened to be from his hometown. I was not looking good at all since I had just had my 5th baby, and I certainly didn’t have much time OR money to spend on myself. I was probably looking downright homely. Anyway, this girl was looking “fresh,” in the very least “childless.” She had the nerve to come up to him and grab Kevin’s knee while I was sitting there!! “Oh no she didn’t!” I jumped out of my seat and was ready to pounce on her! She turned to look for backup from her friends, but they even stepped back because they knew she crossed the line. Kevin had the audacity to get mad at ME for getting mad at HER! I was pissed! A friend of mine happened to be there and heard the commotion. He was kind enough to intervene, and probably kept me out of jail that night. He diffused the situation and I left with Kevin. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. I couldn’t believe he defended HER! Let’s just say, I have forgiven the situation, but I still don’t like it.

The A/C company that he was working for bounced a couple of Kevin’s paychecks. He made them good later, but we couldn’t rely on that kind of income. Kevin’s mom told him that the Flash Market stores were looking for a good A/C – Refrigeration man. Kevin worked hard and got his contractor’s license. It took him three months to study for that test. We went through all the red tape and jumped through all the hoops and Kevin received his license. We were thankful for the opportunity so that Kevin didn’t have to be gone all the time. We started our own business…together. This was the beginning of our very own heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration business…our next Gate of New Beginnings…

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