Journey of a Second Chance- Gates of New Beginnings – Part 8

We became close friends with Heather and Jason, the couple we met at church. Their daughter became like one of our own. Our kids became their kids too. Heather came over most days while our husbands were out working. I answered the calls for our heating and air-conditioning business while all the kids were screaming in the background. I’d be flapping my arm trying to shush them and giving them “the look,” but most of the time I either had to step outside or run upstairs to our home office. Heather would laugh at me, but she helped me out a lot! She helped me keep the kids occupied and helped me clean or paint or shop or whatever we decided to get into on any given day. We all went to church together and on Sundays we cooked out on the grill. Kevin couldn’t grill at first. He made hamburgers one night for some other friends, and one of them broke a tooth! When I say he couldn’t grill, I mean he couldn’t grill! Jason, on the other hand, is the best cook I’ve ever known! His food melts in your mouth. Kevin started taking grilling lessons from Jason on Sundays. I must say that he became the second best cook (on the grill) I’ve ever known. He hasn’t broken any more teeth at least! No. Really. His grilling also melts in your mouth now.

The kids were together all the time. If they didn’t play at my house, they played at theirs. It was nice to have friends with the same values and the same ideas on how to have a good time. One 4th of July, Kevin and Jason decided it would be cool to put fireworks in a watermelon and watch it explode! They thought it was so cool that they made it a tradition for several years.

We decided we wanted to move. The only reason I didn’t want to move was because they lived one street over from us. We were never content with that house. It was meant to be a temporary place to live until we had enough money to move where we wanted. We drove around within a 30 mile radius looking for the right place to live. There was one particular area where we searched the most, Arlington, TN. We just couldn’t find a house in our price range. We just about gave up looking. One night Heather called me and said she had signed up to take a lady at our church some dinner. The lady had just had a baby. She asked if I would go with her. I wasn’t really feeling up to it, but I did want to support Heather. We stopped by Bahama Breeze to get the dinner, and we drove to the lady’s house in Arlington. When we arrived at her house I fell in love with the neighborhood. I hadn’t seen that neighborhood before. Somehow we had missed it in our search. While visiting, I asked her the price range of the neighborhood. It was in our price range!! I couldn’t believe it! I am telling you, if you want an expedited answered prayer, serve others! So many times my answers have come while serving! I drove Kevin back through the neighborhood the following day. We found a house that we just had to have, but it was already sold. We spoke to the builder and he showed us the available lots where we could have that same house built. It was an even better spot on the lake! It was perfect!! We went back home and put our house on the market. Funny thing is we had it up for sale a couple of months before, but it hadn’t sold, so we took it off the market. When we put it on the market this time, I got a call that someone wanted to see the house right away. I told them that I was throwing a baby shower (for Heather) but they could come in before the guests arrived. I had chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven and the house was decorated with baby things, streamers and balloons. The buyer fell in love with the house (it had to be the chocolate chip cookies). It would be months before our new home would be built when we sold the house.

We found a rental house to live in for a few months, then we moved to our new home in Arlington, TN. We entered another gate of new beginnings…

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