Journey of a Second Chance- Gates of New Beginnings – Success (Part 9)

Robert Kiyosaki and meMoving to Arlington, TN was an important “gate” of new beginnings.  I felt like the Jeffersons theme song (from the old TV Sitcom), “…and we’re moving on up…!”  This home was so perfect for our family.  Over the years we really made it “ours”.  We built a shed right away, and eventually installed a swimming pool.  We had a very special deck around the pool.  It was special because my dad came over several days to build it, especially for me.  When we sat on the deck, we overlooked the fence to see the lake behind our home.  We had a fish pond with our Koi and Goldfish in it.  It was peaceful sitting by the pond being mesmerized by the sound of the waterfall and beauty of the fish.  It had an open floor plan, huge bathroom with a Jacuzzi tub, vaulted ceilings, plenty of bedrooms and bathrooms, a dining room and a hearth room.  We felt so blessed to live there in that house in such a wonderful community.  Even though it was perfect and we were thankful, it was still just “stuff”.  That’s not why it was an important gate of new beginnings.  What we learned and who we became was the important part.

While out running errands, my son, Chris, called my cell phone.  The year was sometime between 2005 and 2006.  He asked us to get him a book for a book report that was due.  He said he needed it right then.  There was no time to wait.  I remember that I didn’t want to stop anywhere else, but I am thankful that I cared enough to do it for my son.  I walked into Barnes and Noble and there was a table full of books in the center area. Among them was a purple book that caught my eye.  It was a book that literally changed my life called, “Rich Dad Poor Dad”.  You may think it sounds ridiculous that one book could have that much influence, but I’m telling you, it changed my life.  It opened my eyes to a whole new way of thinking.  It expanded my mind, and it rang true to my spirit.  I realized that I had a limited way of thinking that was contractive and not expansive.  This book gave me an expansive way of thinking.  I was excited to know more.  I purchased many more books written by the author, Robert Kiyosaki.  I purchased his game CashFlow and we played it every chance we got.  I bought DVD’s and watched them over and over again while cooking or cleaning the house.  I continuously listened to CD’s while driving.  I totally engrossed myself in this new found knowledge.  I knew I had to do that to really change my limited way of thinking.  Over the next couple of years, I attended his seminars, and went through all of his real estate training classes.  We opened a real estate investing business, Keli Investments, LLC,  in 2008.  “Ke” is for Kevin and “Li” is for Lisa (Keli).  One of the most valuable things we learned was to put our attention on what we truly desire.  We learned to set goals and to take action when prompted.  This new knowledge gave us the steering wheel to our lives.  We were still learning, and new to this idea that we had some control over our lives, but it was empowering and it felt good.  We began reading other books on success and self-improvement.  We set goals that couldn’t have been reached without this new knowledge.  We learned that we could reach any goal we desired if we simply asked and followed prompted action.  We actually thrived through the crash in 2008/2009.  We learned that the circumstances around us did not have influence over our lives, unless we resisted it or focused on what we did not want.  We learned to focus on what we wanted, and at that time it was mostly financial success.   That’s what we did.

We had a lot of financial success, however, through all the growth, we got lost.  By 2011-2012 I was burned out.  I had wanted a Jeep for 7 years.  On my birthday in 2011, Kevin bought that Jeep for me.  It was a pivotal moment. Although I loved my Jeep (and still do), somehow that goal smacked me right in the face.  I got a little depressed and thought, “Is this all there is?”  I thought, “I never cared about material things, so why am I working so hard to acquire stuff?”  “Is this what life is all about?”  I was just tired.  I felt like the little girl in “The Grinch” when she said it was all so “superfluous”.  I wanted to get completely out of the heating and air business, so I turned it over to other people.  That was when, I believe, I was being “pushed” by God, to do something different.  I started looking to move out of Memphis in 2011.  I didn’t know where I wanted to move.  I just knew I had the desire to move.  I looked around the surrounding areas of Memphis, and I looked in Pickwick and those surrounding areas (since my parents live in Pickwick).  I looked in Arkansas.  Nothing worked out.  We tried putting contracts on homes, and never had so much trouble making a deal.  We even offered MORE money than they were asking on a couple of them.  It was as if God was saying, “No, not there.”  On New Years Day, January, 2013, Kevin was put in the hospital.  He was severely dehydrated and had lost a lot of blood.  It was a scary time.  From there things only got worse.  This was not a gate we wanted to go through, but it was a gate we had to go through.  That year (2013) was actually the inspiration of this blog.  I’ll write about that next Gate of New Beginnings in the next blog.  I need to take a deep breath before I write that one.

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