Journey of a Second Chance – Becoming More Of Who “I Am”- (Final Chapter)

Moving away from my hometown (for over 40 years) was like leaving behind my old self.  Everything I was familiar with was no longer in view.  The businesses we spent years building were still in existence, but it was like hitting the “reset” button on a computer.  They needed rebuilding. It was strange not knowing how to get anywhere or knowing where anything was.  We had to adjust to simple things like driving to the grocery store or finding the entrance to my daughters’ new school.  Although it was uncomfortable, losing the familiarity of circumstances helped me to reconnect to who I really am.

When we are asked the question, “Who are you?”  One might answer, “I am an entrepreneur, nurse, doctor, contractor, banker, hair stylist, grocery clerk, secretary; or even a mother, father, daughter, son, sister, brother, etc.”  We tend to identify with what we “do” and with our circumstances, rather than with who we really are as children of God.  It is liberating when we learn who we are past our flesh, and learn more about who we are in Spirit.

For about a year before moving to a new town, I had been hiding from people by only doing what I needed to do, then returning home to “safety.” I felt that if I didn’t talk to many people, or talk very much, I decreased the odds of saying anything that could offend anyone.   That way I wouldn’t disappoint anyone, and what I said couldn’t be used against me.  When I moved into our new place I didn’t know anyone other than my family, and to be honest, I liked it that way.  I wanted to help people, but my intention was not to let anyone (outside of my immediate family) get too close to me. “But God” had other plans.

I was healing, but I was walking by faith.  My trust in God had increased dramatically, because I KNEW that there was absolutely no way we could have done what we just did on our own.  People, circumstances, and opportunities had to be aligned by a higher power for everything to unfold the way it did and to end up where we landed.  We searched to purchase another business, one that could easily be operated by other people.  That search led to a lot of dead ends.  We kept being led back to the heating and air conditioning business.

We had a great business relationship with several commercial accounts in Memphis, and a few of those accounts happened to also be located in our new area. We started doing heating and air conditioning for those accounts.  It didn’t take long before Kevin suggested we go to a business network meeting to grow our business.  I wasn’t comfortable with that idea at first, because that meant two things:  1) I had to talk to people and 2) I was going to stay in the heating and air conditioning business.  I knew that Kevin was inspired to do this, and I’m thankful that I was willing to push a little further past my comfort zone.  Joining that group proved to be a blessing in many ways.  We were introduced to new friends and several new customers, including a large warranty company.  We grew our heating and air conditioning business and absolutely loved it. We still love it.  When we do things with God for the right reasons, it’s amazing how much better things are put together. We don’t say we are in the heating and air conditioning business anymore.  We say we are in the “people” business.  Heating and air problems is just what happens to connect us to the people.

At one of the business network meetings, a sweet gal with a bubbly personality walked up to us and introduced herself.  She was a breath of fresh air to talk to, and she was full of life.  She told us that her husband was thinking of doing his own heating and air conditioning business, and if he had decided to do that, we would not have been able to join that particular group.  She said that God had other plans.  An instant connection was made between us.  We went to dinner with them, and later discovered that we both had been praying for good friends.  This was definitely the beginning of an awesome friendship.

Looking back on all of this, I realize what I’ve been learning is absolutely true.  First, it is critical that we allow ourselves to be a little uncomfortable to be able to grow.  It’s not about being uncomfortable for the sake of being uncomfortable.  It’s about being uncomfortable for the sake of growth.  Second, we should listen to our intuition to guide us through life.  When we follow inspired action (like joining the business network group), things begin to unfold in small ways at first, but they increase to bigger things.  When it’s “inspired” many good things come from it.  Through this experience I was able to connect to people again, and I found out they weren’t as scary or bad as I led myself to believe that previous year.  I also learned that when I allowed myself to be a little vulnerable with people and made connections, I felt more joy.  We weren’t meant to be alone.  We are meant to build each other up and learn from one another.  Finally, when we go after serving and helping others (rather than going after success or money), we are setting ourselves up for success in larger, more peaceful ways.  True success is gained by loving our neighbors.

I’m truly grateful for this Journey of a 2nd Chance.  The journey continues, but this is where I stop for now.  Life is a journey full of ups and downs.  If you are down now, don’t worry, there is a Gate of New Beginnings waiting to be entered.  Just believe that it will get better. Feel gratitude for what you have now, where you are now, and pray (ask) for what you’d love.

There is a process to getting what we want and being who we really want to be in life.   This is what I’m learning now, and I will share that with you when I am inspired to do so. You can begin learning these things with me, simply by asking and seeking.  May your journey lead you in the direction you would love to go.

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